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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions. Also check the User Guide inside the application for general help and tips:

General Questions

How does it work?

The basic technique used by the flashcard learning system is a modified version of a well known learning technique called spaced repetition learning. As you learn each flashcard you score how well you remembered the word. Based on your learning history and your confidence in remembering the word the program calculates the optimum time to show you the word again.

When will words I have learnt start repeating?

You can expect to see words you have learnt repeating for the first time within 5-6 days. If you continue to remember the words correctly this interval will quickly increase.

What is the difference between the different options used to score a card?

You have three options to score a card:

Green tick You remembered the correct answer immediately and are confident that you will remember it again in the future.

Gold tick You remembered the correct answer with some difficulty (or with a minor error) and are less confident that you will remember it again in the future.

Red cross You got the answer wrong. This marks the word for immediate review. You should review these words at the end of a learning session until you feel comfortable enough to score them correctly.

What happens if I need to restore my device?

You should ensure your device is backed up through iTunes so you do not lose your learning history. In the event that you need to restore your device your learning history will be restored along with other device settings and application data.

Learning Tips

How often should I use the program?

When you first start using the program you should plan on using it every day. Over time as you stop learning new words and are maintaining words you have already learnt you will need to use the program less often. The program will automatically determine when you next need a learning session in order to maintain what you have learnt.

How many new words should I try to learn in each session?

When you first start it is recommended to limit the number of new words you learn to between 25-50 words/day. The exact number depends on you. If you already know many of the words or feel comfortable that you will remember them you can increase this. Alternatively if every word is completely new to you start with a lower target. Either way make sure when you see a word for the first time that you take the time to remember it and commit it to memory.