You Have Words Italian Update v1.2.3

For those that have not already updated version 1.2.3 of You Have Words Italian is now available in the App Store. This release includes a dictionary update and improvements for the new retina iPad.

Full details on the changes are below:

Dictionary Update

The English-Italian dictionary has been updated and now contains 1,803 words in 31 topics. It also includes a number of minor corrections based on user feedback. Remember that if you find an error in the dictionary you can report it from within the App using the Send Feedback option in the Settings screen.

Support for the Retina iPad

Following the launch of the new high resolution retina iPad the images have been upgraded to display at double resolution on the new iPad.

General Changes

A number of minor improvements and bug fixes are also included in this release:

  • Application is now built for the latest iOS 5.1 release to optimise performance. You are recommended to upgrade to iOS 5.1 if your device supports it.
  • Resetting the scores for a topic is now handled in the background to avoid locking up the screen.


This release has been tested with iOS 5.1 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. A minimum version of iOS 3.1 is required though it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of iOS that your device supports. Some features such as multi-tasking, printing and local notifications require iOS 4.x or later. The compact iPad portrait screen layout is only supported with iOS 5.

Supporting older versions of iOS is becoming increasingly difficult and takes time that could be used for adding new features.** It is expected that this will be the last update that maintains backward compatibility with iOS 3.x versions.** The next release is likely to require at least iOS version 4.1 so you are strongly recommended to update your device to the latest version of iOS that it will support.


As always you can send feedback directly from within the app using the “Send Feedback” option in the Help section of the Settings screen. Alternatively send your comments, suggestions and corrections to