You Have Words Italian Update v1.2.0

An updated version ofYou Have Words Italian should now be live in the App Store. As always it can take a day or so to reach all of the App Stores. The release of v1.2.0 includes a dictionary update and some improvements to the user interface.

Full details on the changes are as follows:

Dictionary Update

The English-Italian dictionary has been updated to include 1,705 words in 31 topics. The full list of topics covered is now as follows:

Adjectives, Adverbs, Animals,Art and Music, Body, Calendar, City, Clothes, Colours, Earth, Education, Family, Food & Drink, Garden, Health, House, Kitchen,Law and Order,Maintenance, Military, Money, Numbers, Pastimes, Pronouns,Religion, Sport, Transport, Travel, Verbs, Weather, Work

As always the dictionary is available in British English and American English versions and includes example usage notes for all words in both English and Italian.

General Changes

This update includes a number of minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Performing a Twitter search from the detailed word information page now displays up to 100 results in a scrollable table with improved formatting.
  • Performing a search from within the dictionary has been improved so that all variations of a word are searched. The search is now also more intelligent when searching for accented words.
  • The annoying visual glitch that was happening when flashcards were flipped after the device has been rotated has been removed.


This release has been tested with iOS 4.3.3. It is a universal application supporting both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. A minimum version of iOS 3.1.3 is required though some features such as multi-tasking support and local notifications require iOS 4.x


Remember that you can always send feedback directly from within the app. You will find a “Send Feedback” option in the Help section of the Settings screen. So if you spot an error or have a suggestion on how to make the application more useful to you please let us know.