You Have Words Italian Update v1.1.0

An updated version of You Have Words Italian should now be live in the App Store. As always it can take a day or so to reach all of the App Stores. The release of v1.1.0 includes a dictionary update and some improvements to the user interface.

Full details on the changes are as follows:

Dictionary Update

The English-Italian dictionary has been updated to include 1,602 words in 31 topics. The full list of topics covered is now as follows (topics in bold are new in this release):

Adjectives, Adverbs, Animals, Art and Music, Body, Calendar, City, Clothes, Colours, Earth, Education, Family, Food & Drink, Garden, Health, House, Kitchen, Law and Order, Maintenance, Military, Money, Numbers, Pastimes, Pronouns, Religion, Sport, Transport, Travel, Verbs, Weather, Work

As always the dictionary is available in British English and American English versions and includes example usage notes for all words in both English and Italian.

User Interface Changes

A number of changes have been made to the flashcard user interface in response to feedback from users:

  • The area of the screen where touch and swipe gestures are effective has been enlarged. Tapping on a much larger area of the screen will now flip the card. Likewise a swipe on any part of the screen will move to the next or previous card. This change is most dramatic on the larger iPad screen where previously it could be difficult to move to the next card.

  • If you are at the last card in a series of cards and swipe right-to-left to move to the next card you will return to the first card (assuming there is one). Likewise if you are at the start of a series of cards and swipe left-to-right to move to the previous card you will loop around to the last card.

  • Touching one of the buttons to score a card will now automatically move to the next card removing the need to swipe to the next card. Once you have successfully scored all cards in the list you are returned to the list of topics.

  • When you fail to remember a word and score it with the red cross button the card stays in the list. You are automatically moved to the next card until you reach the end of the list. Once you score the last card you are then moved back to the start of the list where you can retry the words you previously failed to remember correctly.


This release has been tested with iOS 4.2.1. It is a universal application supporting both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. A minimum version of iOS 3.1 is required though some features such as multi-tasking support and local notifications require iOS 4.x


Remember that you can always send feedback directly from within the app. You will find a “Send Feedback” option in the Help section of the Settings screen. So if you spot an error or have a suggestion on how to make the application more useful to you please let us know.