You Have Words Italian Update v1.0.5

Finally after a longer wait than usual I am pleased to announce that version 1.0.5 of You Have Words Italian should shortly being going live in the App Store. As always it can take 24 hours or so to propagate to all stores.

The main changes in this update are as follows:

iPad Support

The app now ships as a universal version supporting the iPod Touch, iPhone and now also the iPad. The iPad version screen layout is slightly different from the iPhone version to make better use of the larger screen size. The tab bar layout that appears at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone version is replaced by a toolbar at the top of the screen on the iPad. The navigation is also changed to put the focus on the learning mode. The dictionary and application settings can be accessed from the toolbar.

Unfortunately since the iPad is currently running iOS version 3.2 it is not possible to provide local notifications on the iPad when you have words to learn. Hopefully an update from Apple will allow that feature on the iPad later this year.

Improved Card Images for the iPhone 4

This version also ships with additional high-resolution versions of the flashcard images for the iPhone 4 retinal display and also for use on the iPad.

Supported iOS Versions

This version of You Have Words Italian will run on iOS version 3.1 or later. Some features such as multi-tasking support and local notifications require iOS 4.