You Have Words Italian Update v1.0.3

An update to You Have Words Italian should now be live in the App Store.

This update includes the following changes:

Updated for iOS 4 multi-tasking

With the release from Apple of iOS 4 the application has been updated to support the new Operating System. This means that the application now supports fast app switching using the home button. A single click of the home button suspends the application and sends it to the background. Selecting the application from the list of recently used apps (accessed by double clicking the home button) returns the app to the point where it was suspended.

Note that multitasking is not supported on older devices. You will need at least an iPhone 3GS or third generation iPod Touch for it to work.

Updated for iPhone 4 retinal display

All of the images and icons in the applications have been updated to include double-resolution versions to take advantage of the iPhone 4 high-resolution display.

Backward compatibility

Compatibility has been maintained for older iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The minimum supported OS version is 3.1.