Using VoiceOver for Pronunciation Practise

Some further details on how to use VoiceOver to hear and practise pronunciation. This feature requires version 1.3.0 of You Have Words Italian and should work with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

The following video shows you how to configure and use VoiceOver from within the App when learning or browsing the dictionary:

Configuring VoiceOver

The key is configuring VoiceOver so that you can quickly activate and deactivate it from within any App. The easiest way to do that is to go into the device settings (not the settings in the App). In the “General” settings section look for the “Accessibility” options. At the bottom of the Accessibility settings is an option to define the Triple-click Home button action. You should set that option to VoiceOver so that a triple-click of the device Home button can be used to activate/deactivate VoiceOver.

Using VoiceOver When Learning Flashcards

When you have a flashcard visible you can hear the pronunciation of the word on the card by triple-clicking the Home button to activate VoiceOver and then tapping the card. A singe tap on the card will cause VoiceOver to read the card, a double-tap will flip the card.

You can quickly turn VoiceOver on and off with a triple-click of the Home button. If you want to leave it active whilst learning a sequence of cards you should use the following tap gestures to navigate:

  • a single tap on the flashcard will read the word on the card
  • a double tap on the flashcard will flip the card
  • a single tap on one of the grade buttons will select it
  • a double tap on one of the grade buttons will mark the card and advance automatically to the next card. It is important to understand that with VoiceOver active you must first single tap on a button to select it and then double tap to activate the button.
  • remember that you can always deactivate VoiceOver by triple-clicking Home.

Using VoiceOver With The Dictionary

When browsing the dictionary you can activate VoiceOver with a triple-click of the Home button. You can then tap any word in the dictionary to hear the pronunciation. You can also hear the pronunciation when viewing the word details by tapping on either word. The word is always pronounced using the native language of the word.